She said, “Hi, how ya’ doing?”

I said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about suicide again. I’m incredibly lonely, and I have a habit of falling in love with every cashier who shows me the courtesy of letting me know I’m still alive, only for the days to slip away into the chaos of nothingness, and I question, is this all there is to order?”

She took my five dollar bill and opened the drawer. Then she paused to say, “Wait, what?”

The three people behind me in line started pointing their fingers. One guy shouted, “He did it! We’re allowed to do that? He did it!”

The woman behind him said, “I’ve felt that way for twenty-odd years.”

The man behind her looked down to the bottle of orange soda and bag of pretzels in his hands and said, with collapsed shoulders, “I don’t even want this junk. It’s just that I have nowhere else to go.”

The front window of the store shattered. The riot police stormed in.

[March 24th 2016]