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You would have liked mankind. They held onto the notion that time was flat and always collected in their bodies and minds. They held onto that self-centered flatness yet believed the universe bent to their deepest demands. You see the poetic contradiction here? They lived with this contrariness – with this obsession: Their power was the ultimate denial.

Just one look at them and you could see the beauty of the curse – to have the tools to comprehend that they were on a thriving planet, but to be so oblivious in seeing that they were the planet. Brethren to the rocks and trees. The makers of the plastic seas. Isolated not even in thought. Not all of them, of course, but as time went on they thought their thoughts to be more heavenly – they thought their thoughts to go to a place they thought when they could no longer make the thought. Oh yes, mankind came and went, but their voices echo throughout the universe – why – why – why – why: A collective sound we call a ghost. Not quite what they had intended. This remains their song of fate, and the silence in between was what they could never quite grasp.

Yeah, you would have liked mankind.
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