The Society of Counselors and Comedians will henceforth meet the first and third Friday of every month at 6:30 PM. The location may vary based on the current topics and goals. If you would like to become a member of The Society, your membership will have to be approved by a unanimous vote from the current members. So far, the current members are as follows:

1) Matthew R Moore

Built in the combined spirit of creative and therapeutic groups, The Society of Counselors and Comedians is dedicated to seeking the betterment of all members by building a small community of support based on collective knowledge and perspective. The objective is to find a way to help move each member closer to personal goals and to stay away from “worst possible timelines.”

The Society is also seeking guests to come to the meetings.

Voting Chart and Upcoming Topics:

    On March 3rd 2017 – The meeting will be held at Matthew R Moore’s apartment. The current member of The Society of Counselors and Comedians will vote on whether to keep the current member as a member or exile him into the wasteland.

    • Reasons for keeping him as a member
      • He is generally an intelligent individual.
      • He is fond of pizza, and everyone knows pizza helps lessen the awkwardness of any meeting.
    • Reasons for exiling him to the wasteland
      • He doesn’t get along with the members, even though he is the only member.
      • He creates a ton of unnecessary bullet points.

The Society will also be discussing the world-building stages of the only member’s next story and the direction of his meta-band, all the while giving credence to the possibility that he might be better off as a cantaloupe. Also to be discussed is the idea of a society existing without any members, which, vote-pending, is a possibility. Discussing the ramifications of not having any members will be left to the members should that situation arise.