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A man swiped a little girl from her mother’s arms
And ran with her down the sidewalk.
The girl reached out behind the man
While the mother chased and screamed
And tripped and cried for help.
Bystanders looked on and hoped for the best.
Some even prayed.

The man cut off both of the little girl’s arms
With butchering swings from a machete,
Then placed her down and ran again.
Blood spurted out over the cement
And boiled immediately in the summer heat.
The man yelled back,
“This is the only way she’ll ever pick up God!”

The little girl was too hurt to utter a sound,
And while she survived that day,
God didn’t;
God couldn’t take it anymore.
The man went into his big stone house,
Put on his white collar,
And passed around the donation plate.