Counselors and Comedians is a novel about a troubled young man who gets assigned a counselor with more issues than he has. Between sadness and satire, the story claws for existential meaning as it explores the ambiguities of depression. I like to call it depressed magical realism. The novel is completed at about 110k words and I am currently looking for an agent or publisher.

The Creatures One-Hundred is a story collective about a child whose family is ripped apart by interdimensional beings. I’ve done a lot with this already, but it has a long way to go.

The Direction of Metaphysics (tentative title) is a short story set about the direction we tie to feeling. The stories are as surreal as they are meaningful. I might put it out as an e-book by summer of 2017.

Poetry: I use poetry as building blocks of idea, comprehension, and language flow. Maybe I’ll publish a book of it someday. Don’t hold your breath, though, because that’s how you pass out several thousand times.  Until then, I’ll post some here.


Lament by The Black Suit – I’m working on a soundtrack for a hallucinogenic journey through Hell. I might link it with The Direction of Metaphysics.


I gave up regular internet access so I could focus on creative endeavors.  I’ll be here every once in a while to remind people I’m still sort of alive.